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Badge Buddy

Badge Buddy

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What is a badge buddy? Badge buddies are acrylic backings that hang from your badge reel. They make a great addition to your badge reel and provide a sturdy backing to keep all of your badges in place, in addition to displaying any title or text of your choice, and showcasing your dog-loving personality!

Please note: badge reels are sold separately, this is a listing for the badge buddy ONLY

The text at the bottom of the badge reel can be customized - you can decide what it says and choose from the available fonts. DOUBLE CHECK ALL SPELLING. The title, name, initials, etc. will be printed in the order you type in the field. I am unable to print emojis - please do not add them.

If no font style is chosen, the font style will match the font in the picture of the style chosen.

Exact placement of the patterns on the prints will vary by the cut as each badge buddy print is cut from a larger piece of patterned vinyl. 

- Measure all cards/IDs/badges that will be placed on top of your badge buddy to ensure you select the right size, orientation, and that you can see the text when the cards/IDs/badges are placed on top of the badge buddy.
- Horizontal (3.1"x3.4")
- Vertical (4.5”x2.25”)
- Horizontal Extended (4.2”x3.4”)
- Vertical Extended (5.5”x2.25”)

- Shiny finish
- Made from resin, vinyl, and acrylic. 
- Color may vary slightly from picture depending on customer's screen settings.
Care Instructions:
- Handle with care as acrylic can break if handled indelicately, dropped, or left in extreme heat
- Do not leave it in your car as this can result in a damaged acrylic
- An alcohol-based cleaner may diminish the shiny finish

Badge reel not included in this listing.

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