About Black Spot Boutique

Hello there! I'm Lucy's mama! And this is Lucy, the inspiration for Black Spot Boutique.

As if teaching piano, managing another online business, and spoiling my 2-year-old Dalmatian don't keep me busy enough, I've landed here and am so excited to be sharing all things Dalmatian mama (or daddy, grandma, lover, dog enthusiasts in general, etc.) with you. I love to collect anything and everything spotty and make everything else I can't find 🐾

I'm here to share my love of The Spots with you and hopefully expand your collection as well ✨  I've found inspiration from so many other dog parents and am determined to help make the world a little spottier! For even more cute puppy content, you can find me on Instagram and TikTok, @blackspotboutique

Every item is made with lots of love and maybe a little Dalmatian glitter 😉  Not to worry, I have lots of lint rollers, too!